Canvas & Light

Inspired by the shingle-style homes on the Nantucket seaside, architect Eric Drivdahl breathed new life into a 1980s spec home. Artistry saturates the residence as the home wraps itself around the homeowners’ extensive collection at every turn. Custom cabinets showcase colorful glass pieces and delicate nooks house vibrant paintings. Connected to the main living area, a new art studio creates a spacious, functional gallery and workspace within the home. Upstairs, the remodeled master suite presents a fresh, luxurious space to begin and end the day. Natural light floods the clean, white, bathroom and highlights carrera marble and mosaic tiling. Every corner, every inch of the home reflects beauty. This is the art of architecture.

Project Team

Architecture:  Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture
Contractor:  Steve Stark, Stark Construction, Inc.
Interior Designer:  Heather MacMillan, hsMAC Design
Landscape Architect:  Bill Williamson, Williamson Landscape Architecture
Structural Engineer:  Dibble Engineers
Photographer:  Benjamin Benschneider

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