Services Offered

At Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture, our architectural design team is committed to exceptional service in the pursuit of exceptional homes. We work with clients to understand their vision and bring their luxury home to life. That’s because residential architecture is about far more than configuring a series of rooms and creating a nice exterior. It’s about creating a space of exquisite beauty and comfort that homeowners love for years to come.

To achieve those ends, our team is privileged to offer the following architectural services:

Feasibility Study

An enduring home requires a solid foundation. Our team walks with you to consider every angle of a property and to ensure that your dream home begins well. We consider zoning limitations, covenants, and soil conditions that could pose challenges to your project, and we advise on how successful a project will be on that site. As we evaluate, we often create a quick concept for the house, so together we can judge if the building site is adequate for your needs.

Project Budget Planning

We understand the financial considerations involved in constructing or remodeling a home. With careful research, we develop the big-picture budget for your project, including the costs of land, construction, consultants, landscaping, permits, jurisdictional fees, furnishings, and financing costs.


We translate your treasured dream into a tangible reality. After listening to your vision, we craft compelling concept drawings and schematic designs to help you visualize the project. We enter into conversation with you until we’ve thoroughly developed and refined your dream home. We then draft the construction documents, obtain permits, and seek contractor bids. We continue to walk with you through construction to ensure that we fully accomplish your vision.

Design Presentation

It’s important that you feel confident in the design of your home. Our visualization tools include physical models, computer-generated models, computer-rendered fly-through animations, and lighting simulations. When appropriate, we also produce hand-drawn illustrations and watercolor renderings.

Project Management

Our project managers act as your advocates to keep your home on track and on budget. They collect bids, negotiate with contractors, and coordinate with landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, cost estimators, and craftsmen. Their primary objectives are to communicate well and to make certain your needs are met.

Construction Administration

From breaking ground to handing over the keys, we review and evaluate the quality of construction on your home. We answer questions, review subcontractors’ drawings, and ensure seamless transitions through every phase of the project.