Exploring Beauty through Residential Home Design

This Meydenbauer home exemplifies our design process.
Collaboration with our clients is the cornerstone of our design process.

Timeless Design Principles in Action

As people look toward the future, they want to ensure that their home will be a place that enchants and delights them for many years to come. To do so, they will reach out to local residential architects in order to begin that process. We’ve had the privilege of taking decades of those calls, and the team at Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture is honored to walk with clients to make their residential architecture design fulfill their vision. There is one common thread that connects every good home—its ability to capture beauty within its design. If a home is beautiful, people will want to spend time in it. Conversely, a nondescript home will grow weary as time passes. Our residential design firm is dedicated to the art of architecture, to cultivating that spark of joy they experience when they enter the room. We believe that every home has great potential, so it is our duty and pleasure to reveal it in the homes of our clients.


Why Partner with a Residential Architect

But why is it necessary to work with a residential architect as opposed to design and build firm? There are a plethora of reasons, but here are a few that our team has found to be universally true.


  • First, our architects have professional training. They know the city codes and structural requirements inside and out, allowing them to design a home that meets those expectations from the very start. They are well-versed in color theory and geometrical patterns, which enables them to maximize the available space and develop a visually appealing theme for that particular home. They are familiar with a wide variety of styles and building materials, each one readily available to their clients as they design the perfect home. The benefits of their expertise in residential architecture cannot be overstated.


  • Second, residential design firms can provide better designs, which will in turn reduce potential mistakes. Our architects present their clients with creative, delicate, nuanced, and realistic three-dimensional blueprints, allowing for the planning of detail work well in advance of the construction process. As a result, the contractor will provide a better estimate, the builders will have a more detailed and thorough reference to work from, and the client will be able to refine and polish their vision with greater confidence.


  • Finally, a residential architect will advocate for their clients until the home is fully completed. With their extensive knowledge of the many requirements needed to construct the home, they can assist their clients as a sort of agent. They negotiate effectively with the contractor, reduce the time commitment needed on the part of their clients, and coordinate the residential design builders and contractors to ensure their clients’ visions are being carried out to perfection. From the earliest development stages to the final plant in the garden, our architects will save their clients an immense amount of time, resources, and future work while providing a higher quality result.


Creating a Sense of Home

Our Meydenbauer house design showcases elegance and functionality in a contemporary home.
This contemporary home showcases our design process at work.

After the house is completed, there is an inevitable adjustment period for its owners as they become familiar with their new residence. While there will always be a touch of strangeness in the beginning, our local residential architects here in the Pacific Northwest work hard to minimize that feeling by imbuing the house with homey elements. By intentionally working alongside their clients and deferring to their desires and goals, our architects cultivate a sense of investment, ownership, and familiarity before the first stone is ever laid.

As a result, each home immediately feels like a genuine representation of the client’s wishes, and their personal involvement connects them in a way that cannot be recreated by any other means. By learning what their clients want and helping them to fully realize it in the design process, our architects pave the way for that residential architecture to truly feel like a home.


Meydenbauer Place and the Essence of Residential Architecture

Our work on Meydenbauer Place provides a wonderful example of what residential architecture can look like. Its design unfolded gradually as our clients explored their options. Ultimately, they decided on a contemporary, symmetrical layout full of whispered serenity. Two mirrored staircases flank the entryway and extend into the wings of the home, while the room ahead opens up to reveal a spacious living area. Indoor surfaces of glass, steel, and wood give each room a sense of elegance while allowing for easy maintenance, and an artificial lawn gives the children freedom to play out back without worrying about damaged or uneven terrain.

This home was designed with family life at the forefront, and its ingenious methods to optimize storage, upkeep, and durability serve equally well as aesthetically beautiful designs. From the hidden playroom and climbing wall upstairs to the dining booth in the kitchen, every facet of this design serves as a lasting reminder that residential architecture can be both practical and luxurious, elegant and simple. This home is perfect for our clients’ entire family because of its ability to neatly balance both of these aspects with the same symmetry it was built upon. As a result, Meydenbauer Place is a home that captures the ideals of residential architecture in every way.


Partners in Residential Home Design

No matter what our clients’ tastes or preferences, our residential design experts are prepared and equipped for any project. With decades of experience behind us, we have a recognized track record of designing beautiful residential architecture that reveals the heart of its inhabitants. The many homes we have had the privilege of building serve as unique expressions of our clients. We stand firm on our principles, partnering with every individual to keep them at the helm of their dream project. Our role is simply to guide and assist our clients in every way we know how, and it is our genuine pleasure to work alongside them in order to bring their dreams into a beautiful reality.