The Art of Remodeling

One of the privileges of architecture is to breathe new life into existing homes. It’s an opportunity to identify and draw out beauty in old spaces. As we went about remodeling this 1980s spec home, we drew inspiration from the homeowners’ love artistry and shingle style homes on the Nantucket seaside. A Space for Art …

Art of Architecture: Yearning for Timelessness

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” Frank Gehry

Art in the Details

A great home lies in fine details. Beauty begins in textures, colors, and angles working in perfect harmony. No point is overlooked. Fixture Every custom designed home should bear the unique fingerprints of its owners. The English Craftsman project does so more than most. After taking a metalworking class, the homeowner contributed handmade light fixtures …

Exercising the Art of Architecture

Architecture is an art form. It’s an opportunity to take everyday necessities–shelter, warmth, safety–and imbue them with beauty. So, as we pursue residential architectural design for our clients, we constantly push ourselves to dive deeper into the practice that inspires us: the art of architecture. Here’s a glimpse into how we exercise the art of …

Designing for the Long Run

Every new home design project requires exceptional focus and care, and as custom residential architects, we recognize that every project is unique in its needs. That’s why we rely on building information modeling to keep every design organized and exceptionally documented. Building information modeling (BIM) takes CAD programming deeper into the realm of integrated design. …

The Art of Architecture: Working with Nature

Architecture is far more than crafting a structure. It requires attention to context and respect for nature. It’s the art of reflecting the home’s surroundings and using existing beauty to create refuge.

Bark Art 2019

One of the great privileges we have as architects in the Seattle area is the opportunity to team up with other design and building professionals to celebrate creativity and community. Recently, one of those opportunities came at Bark Art. Each year, Luxe hosts Bark Art–a charity event that brings home design experts together in support …

The Art of Architecture: Articulating History

“To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history, but to articulate it.” Daniel Libeskind

Beauty Meets Artificial Turf

The art of architecture is a pursuit to merge beauty and function at every level. Every design decision we make has to answer two key questions: “does it work in its context?” and “is it beautiful?” That includes the backyard. Designing a Durable Family Home Meydenbauer Place was crafted for a busy family with kids. …

The Art of Architecture: Beauty in Comfort

Architecture creates beauty in safety. It transforms refuge into spaces of comfort. It aims to create a place that welcomes you in with peace, elegance, and a sense of timelessness.