RED Reader’s Choice Awards: Kingfisher Cliff

This year, Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture has two projects featured in Luxe Interiors + Designs annual RED Readers’ Choice Awards. Here’s a glimpse at Kingfisher Cliff, a stunning Whidbey Island home designed by Scott Hommas.

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About Kingfisher Cliff

Nestled on a ledge overlooking Deception Pass, Kingfisher Cliff reflects the natural beauty of its surroundings at every turn. A contemporary home, the house weaves wood, glass, and stone materials to create a structure that’s truly unified in its environment. Ample windows, folding glass walls, and glass deck railings frame views of the Puget Sound, creating a comfortable bird’s nest experience for the home’s occupants. An existing structure was repurposed into a private guest suite complete with a separate entrance and private kitchen and bathroom amenities.

Kingfisher Cliff embodies not just natural beauty but also the very best of responsible design principles. Strategic angles, carefully placed windows, and natural landscaping protect the privacy of the occupants and their neighbors despite the close proximity of surrounding homes. Outdoor living spaces nearly double the home’s useable space without expanding its footprint. Ultimately only half of the allowable lot coverage was used. The rest of the property features trails and gardens punctuated by natural landscaping.

Kingfisher Cliff showcases the limitless capacity for beauty and design that emerges when architect and homeowner share a single vision.

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