Luxury Architects Bring the Art of Architecture to Life

The Balance

When given the opportunity to create their own luxury home design, one of the most challenging tasks is finding the perfect marriage of styles and statements. At Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture, we strive to help our clients develop that ideal balance. Our intentional pursuit of the art of architecture enables us to help every one of our clients to produce a bold, nuanced, and beautiful vision for their new home.

Our luxury architects are artists, first and foremost. As such, we believe that luxury architecture design is the process of creating a space of livable art. It is the subtle touch of color in an otherwise white room. It is the teeming of plant life in the mist of the sauna. But most of all, it is the intersection of life in a place of utility. No matter the style of home or the vision of our clients, our desire to unveil the artistic beauty of everyday life is what inspires everything we do.

Luxury Architects Share the Art of Architecture

Luxury home design uses intentional home color for effect

But what sets a luxury home design apart as an artwork to be admired? There are several elements that our luxury architects emphasize when working with their clients.

  • First, the home must be unique. Any home that shares a blueprint with a house down the road will necessarily lose artistic appeal. Instead, our luxury residential architects will design a custom blueprint, tailored specifically for that one particular plot of land. Once the home is constructed, the details will be what draws the eye. This is where our luxury architects truly shine. Their mastery of color theory and geometry allows them to direct the gaze, create a sense of flow, and tell a cohesive story, all of which work together to make each home unlike any other.


  • Second, the home must feel timeless. Like any great artwork, it can be appreciated by people from all generations and walks of life. A strong luxury residential design from GHDA will draw on the expertise and stylistic sensibilities of those who came before, add to it in meaningful ways, and ultimately produce a work of art that honors its predecessors while inspiring the future. A luxury home design that can master this balance is sure to stand the test of time.


  • Finally, an artistic home needs to become a place of retreat for its inhabitants. Art, at its best, is what reminds people of something greater, something beyond, something profound and indescribable that transcends the drudgery of their daily lives. Therefore, a luxury architecture design should be inviting yet personal, peaceful yet active, relaxing yet playful. Whether they choose to curl up with a book or to spend time in the garden, those within the home can feel free to let their guard down and enjoy the world around them. Every vaulted ceiling, every open foyer, and every well-placed sculpture will nourish the soul and bring a smile to the face.

Investing in Beauty

Kirkland architects use texture in home design

With so many possibilities to choose from, it seems unlikely that any luxury architecture firm could be capable of handling every request. Yet that’s precisely what GHDA has been doing for over thirty-five years. Instead of studying a particular style of architecture, our luxury home designers see architecture as a lens, a medium through which they can explore artistic expression more broadly.

As a result, our luxury architects have mastered countless methods and styles from all over the world, each one revealing a new aspect about the nature of art and beauty. When they begin to work with a client, they are well-equipped to handle any luxury architecture design with confidence and familiarity. Instead of having to spend time learning a style that their client will likely know better than they do, our luxury home designers will be fully prepared to make that home a captivating reality.


Ratio House and the Essence of Luxury Architecture

One prime example of a luxury residential design is found in the aptly named Ratio House. Centered around the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, this contemporary home is the perfect blend of Japanese artistry and mathematical precision. Every detail is precisely attuned to that golden ratio, from the size of the tiles in the walkway to the mirrors of the master bathroom. The cylindrical glass pendant lights throughout the home are complemented by large windows that illuminate every room with a glowing natural light.

The color palette is light and airy, providing the subtlest of hints as visitors transition from one room to another. The horizontal grains of the limestone walls provide a sense of unity and cohesion throughout the home, extending from the exterior of the house into the bedroom and living room.

Each aspect and feature of this home couples the heart and vision of its inhabitants with the skill and ingenuity of the luxury architects behind it. The contributions of both were publicly recognized in 2018 when Ratio House appeared as a contender in the distinguished Luxe RED Reader’s Choice Awards. With its traditional appeal, contemporary polish, and peaceful atmosphere, this luxury home design is a wonderful example of elegant, memorable, livable art.

A Luxury Architecture Firm that Listens

Juanita home designers craft inviting outdoor dining spaces

Whether it’s designing a home around the golden ratio or laying the groundwork for a woodland cabin, those within our Pacific Northwest luxury architecture firm are highly adept at their craft. Our luxury home architects delight in the art of architecture, seeing every new project as an opportunity to personify their clients’ dreams and aspirations within the homes they inhabit. Our long, storied history speaks to our integrity and commitment to our clients, and each new chapter leaves us better prepared to write the next.