Custom Home Designers Craft the Art of Architecture

Like great national park architecture, GHDA's residential architecture designs draw on nature for inspiration.
Like great national park architecture, GHDA's residential architecture designs draw on nature for inspiration.

Uniquely Custom Home Design

At Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture, our process of developing your custom home design is nuanced, personalized, immersive, and comprehensive. It requires an immense level of forethought, planning, careful listening, and personal investment that takes a substantial amount of dedication. Most of all, it requires a custom home designer who truly understands and can act upon the vision their client has created. From the tiniest details of the interior design to fully realizing a grand custom house design that stands out from its surroundings, your custom home architect must be chosen with great care.

Naturally, that adds a significant amount of pressure when choosing who to work with. At GHDA, we understand that pressure first-hand . That’s precisely why we decided to specialize in creating custom luxury home designs. Our expert designers and custom home architects are intimately familiar with a wide variety of historic and contemporary styles, helping each of their clients to create refined, polished, truly unique homes that stand the test of time.

The Right Custom Home Architect Makes All the Difference

Custom home designers create stunning mountain home

So what goes into the process of choosing the right custom home designer? Several key factors have helped our clients determine if an individual is a good fit.

  • First, are they willing to match the client’s vision for their custom home design? Specifically, will that custom home designer cater to their preferences over his or her own? If not, this is an immediate red flag. If the designer refuses to respect their client’s input, that client will ultimately come away dissatisfied with the final result. Your custom home design deserves to be handled with dignity.


  • Second, does the designer communicate well with their clients? With countless hours already invested into this project, the last thing they need is to be stuck waiting for an e-mail response or leaving voicemails that go unanswered. No matter how charming the custom home designer may be when present, they must be just as invested in the project as their clients are.


  • Finally, do they manage their client’s investment of time and resources in a competent manner? Have they met or beaten the timelines they have been given in the past? If the designer has a track record of missed deadlines and stalled projects, the same delays will come up in their future custom house design projects as well.

Creating Your Ideal Custom Home

Custom home designers create stunning mountain home

Due to our long-held belief in those values, the team at GHDA is deeply committed to our clients’ best. We make sure to listen intently to the visions of our clients, ensuring that their work is depicted as accurately as possible. We work to interpret their ideas into tangible, successful results, first on paper and then in reality. We counsel them as they refine the details, cherishing the little things as much as the grand. Ultimately, we work to bring our clients’ dreams for their custom house design into reality.

Each of our custom home designers is highly versed in artistry, able to pick out a winning color palette or the perfect corbel. They are masters of craftsmanship, each one of them fluent with wood and metal, glass and stone. They have studied countless stylistic approaches from across the world, making them capable of both flawless recreation and seamless integration. Their dedication to their art has given them the expertise necessary to bring any custom luxury home design to life.

Cedar Haven: A Study in Custom Home Design

custom home design from Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

Throughout our many years of design, Cedar Haven has become a testament to our  custom home architects. This particular home was designed to be an organic, reflective, and conscientious residence among the cedar trees, weaving itself into the landscape such that it felt like a natural extension of the forest while still conveying a contemporary flair. To make this a reality, our custom home builders reclaimed many of the resources that were gathered when the plot was cleared. From the stones of the fireplaces to the tree trunk columns, nearly every natural element came from the very land it was built upon.

Its asymmetrical style serves to augment that natural beauty. Each room is designed with elements of the forest interwoven. The glass walls in the master bathroom are brushed with white cedar trees, stripped trunks create eye-catching centerpieces, and the soaring windows reveal towering cedars in every direction. In keeping with our client’s vision, we incorporated elegant earth-toned tile flooring, darkened glass pendant lighting, and other details to make this a home they were proud to inhabit.

Home Designers that Listen

Cedar Haven is one of the many examples on our website that demonstrates our commitment to excellence and faithfulness for our clients. Our custom home designers consistently produce homes of the highest caliber while respecting their clients’ investments of time, trust, and resources. Every stage of the process, from blueprint to move-in, receives our full and undivided attention. If our client isn’t completely satisfied with our work, we will dedicate every moment with them to resolving any issues that have arisen. Where others may see a project as good enough, we will find ways to improve and innovate even further. We have become the premier choice for custom luxury home designs in the Pacific Northwest due to that commitment to our clients’ best, and we intend to continue expanding and refining our capabilities for many more years to come.