Lakefront Gothic

Curtis Gelotte’s Lakefront Gothic project hearkens back to medieval European design. The stunning stone exterior rests confidently on its Lake Washington lot. After arriving through a stately wood gateway, visitors pass through an arched, inset doorway and into a honeycomb ceilinged entryway. Wallpaper, rustic accents, and rich draperies imbue a sense of history throughout the home--as though it’s a family residence passed down and cared for across time. The kitchen’s exposed ceiling ribs, tile floor, and wood island spark visions of a grand feast in the making. Outside, a balcony looks out over a tiered garden, glistening pool, and the expansive lake beyond.

Project Team

Principal:  Curtis Gelotte
Builder:  Schultz | Miller
Interior Designer:  Sid Shier
Landscape Architect:  Rich Landscaping
Structural:  Voelker Engineering
Photographer:  Mike Seidl