Woodinville: An Architect’s Perspective

Woodinville Custom Home by Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl
Woodinville is the perfect locale to build your custom home.

Welcome to Woodinville: The Perfect Locale for Your Custom Home

Woodinville is a Western Washington gem and a major seasonal tourist destination. Filled with natural beauty, a vast array of wineries, breweries, vineyards, parks, and a close-knit community, Woodinville is one of Washington’s most prized places to live. The city’s reputation is well earned, and we are honored to serve as Woodinville architects.


Woodinville Highlights

  • Top tier school system: Woodinville is a part of the Northshore School District, which consistently ranks as one of the best in the country. Currently, Woodinville claims six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school.
  • A tight knit community: As of 2019, Woodinville’s population was estimated to be 12,000, making it the 25th largest city in King County and the 72nd largest community in in the state. Far more than just a downtown area, Woodinville is defined by an eclectic mix of eleven neighborhoods, each with its own distinct feel and character.
  • An ideal place: Woodinville is renowned as a perfect place for local professionals, retirees, wine enthusiasts, and families. Also known as the Napa Valley of Washington due to the density of wineries, it is a vibrant tourist destination during the summer and is widely considered one of the best places to live and visit in the area.
  • Ample recreation: Woodinville is home to dozens of wineries, restaurants, Sammamish River parks, and recreation areas. Encountering the deluge of both natural environments and fun attractions is an inevitable part of living here.
Woodinville Luxury Home by Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl
Our architects provide custom home design services for the Woodinville region.

Life in Downtown Woodinville

From the luxurious Willows Hotel and the gorgeous views on the Sammamish River to the convenient walking access and sprawling vineyards and estates, Woodinville residents have an eclectic mix of eateries, wineries, and entertainment options. The Hollywood District is the historic and geographical center of Woodinville and was once home to the city’s early residents. The Hollywood Schoolhouse is a turn-of-the-century school that has been converted into an event space which is booked out year-round. The summer highlight for many residents are the concerts at the gorgeous Chateau St. Michelle estate that play host to some of the world’s most famous artists. The arts and entertainment are woven into the core identity of Woodinville.


Surrounding Area

Located just 30 minutes from Seattle, Woodinville has relatively easy access to the Pacific Northwest’s largest city via I-405. Breathtaking views of a lush and fertile valley, the scenic Sammamish River front, and proximity to the Lake Washington waterfront make destination seeking a common part of the experience of the Woodinville resident experience.



Much of Woodinville’s attractions are in its sprawling districts and surrounding areas. The heavily wooded, quiet neighborhoods are coveted places to live. On the north end of the city is the Wedge neighborhood. Here, homes are located on large, wooded lots that provide ample room for outdoor activities. This neighborhood was heavily influenced by the development of some of the larger wineries and estates.

Located right in the middle of the sprawl is the highly rated Reinwood Leota. With easy access to both The Bassett Pond Natural Area and Hollywood Hills Equestrian Park, as well as local shopping and a plethora of school options, this neighborhood is a most desirable place to settle down and develop a dream home project. The North Industrial area is a business district and is also home to several parks that are extremely popular on warm summer days. Rotary Community Park, DeYoung Park, and Clubhouse Playground are all popular destinations in North Industrial.  Each neighborhood presents opportunities to work with a Woodinville custom home designer to create your perfect home.

Woodinville Architects Provide Home Design Suited to Your Tastes

Woodinville architecture is rooted in its origins as a timber and farming community—roots that were incorporated into more modern aesthetics as the area was subject to natural expansion and growth. The first Woodinville architects were early settlers who saw the purpose of what they built primarily in terms of the function that it served. Log cabin style homes, farmhouses, and sprawling estates were common.

As the area developed and annexed many of the surrounding neighborhoods, Woodinville home designers were free to adapt their designs to the desires of the diverse clients they were designing for. Woodinville residential architects leaned into classical and traditional design aesthetics with a synthesis of modern living.

Custom home designers are always in high demand from residents seeking to establish a sense of home in these desirable neighborhoods. Woodinville luxury architects have made their mark with spectacular homes from East Wellington to West Ridge.

Featured Project: Hollywood Hills Retreat

Architecture by Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl
Babbling water features surround this Woodinville custom home.

At Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture, one of our favorite Woodinville custom projects is Hollywood Hills Retreat. This home emerged from our client’s desire for great design in a smaller footprint. At 2,700 square feet, the home is scaled to the human experience and integrated with the outdoors. It reflects the beauty of its woodland surroundings with rustic, three-inch horizontal log siding and natural stone accents. The metal roof lends a modern air while serving to effortlessly shed pine needles and debris.

Inside, the main living area uses a great room design to share space, allowing dining room, kitchen, and family room to mingle. Lift-and-slide doors invite the living area to extend into the outdoors. A stunning stone and steel fireplace anchors the main living area, mixing modern elements with timeless stone and wood materials. With three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, Hollywood Hills Retreat makes space for guests and entertaining. The master suite caters to the homeowner’s natural flow of activity as it connects bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room, and mudroom in a seamless, logical path.

Hollywood Hills Retreat exists to bring beauty and functionality together, demonstrating that true quality supersedes quantity. This is the art of architecture.

Interior architecture design of Hollywood Hills Retreat
High ceilings and earthy tones abound in the Hollywood Hills Retreat custom home.

Woodinville Architects for Your Home

As local Woodinville architects, we constantly pursue the art of architecture as the calling for our work.  The constantly evolving community of Woodinville provides us with an endless opportunity to answer this calling in original and dynamic ways.

We delight in the process of merging the preferences and imaginations of our clients with the distinct character of the Woodinville location that they select to build their dream home. Every project presents a new opportunity to consider more deeply how we merge form with function, and to paint a portrait in architecture of our clients’ unique lifestyles.  Serving that purpose is our life’s work and greatest honor.

To learn more about designing your custom home, contact us.