Woodway: An Architect’s Perspective

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Our architects provide custom home design services for the Woodway region.

Welcome to Woodway: The Perfect Locale for Your Custom Home

Tightly nestled on the shores of the Puget Sound, the City of Woodway is a recluse’s dream haven. The smattering of natural beauty, sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains, and the tight-knit community make Woodway one of Washington’s most desirable places to live. Woodway’s reputation is well earned, and we are honored to serve as Woodway architects.


Woodway Architects Share Their Favorite Highlights


  • Top tier school system: Woodway is a part of the Edmonds School District, which consistently ranks as one of the best in the country. It includes 20 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and 9 high schools throughout the Edmonds, Meadowdale, Lynnwood, and Mountlake Terrace area.
  • Serene setting: As of 2019, Woodway’s population was estimated to be just 1,400 people. Referring to Woodway as a neighborhood rather than a city would likely be a more accurate description, making it a great respite for those looking for seclusion.
  • An ideal place: Woodway is renowned as an ideal location for retirees to build their legacy home. It is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live and visit in Washington State.
  • Ample recreation: Woodway is just a short distance to dozens of parks, beaches, and recreation areas. Encounters with the Puget Sound are unavoidable, and with a plethora of activities, views, and scenes to choose from, there is plenty to explore. From Meadowdale Beach Park to Olympic Beach, anyone who loves being by the water will find Woodway a perfect place to build a home.
Woodway architects build custom homes to fit a variety of styles
Woodway is the perfect locale to build your custom home.

Life in Woodway

Woodway is more of a sprawling, wooded neighborhood than it is an actual town or city. You will not find a city center, shopping areas, or restaurants. You will find gated communities, elaborate estates, beautiful condominiums, and an abundance of trees and wildlife. Deer Creek Park and the Woodway Reserve offer locals with a choice of hiking trails and paths for running, walking, and biking. Woodway sits at a slightly higher elevation than the surrounding areas which makes for breathtaking views along the shoreline walkways. Life in Woodway is quiet, peaceful, and calm.


Surrounding Area

Woodway is just across the channel from the many islands and peninsulas that dot the horizon. The Edmonds-Kingston ferry makes day trips to Olympic Peninsula a great weekend activity. Seattle is located just ten miles to the south via I-5 and, 10 miles north, is another major population center, the City of Everett.

Functionally speaking, Woodway is very much a part of Edmonds and that is where residents who call Woodway home spend a significant portion of their recreational lives. From the gorgeous waterfront views with walks along Sunset Drive, to the selection of quaint and quirky shops on Main Street, there is always an eclectic mix of activity options. Locally owned restaurants, retail stores and coffee shops are always just short drive away. Brackett’s landing on the waterfront is the historic site where the first explorers dropped anchor and made land. The summer highlight for many residents is the Saturday Farmer’s Market where vendors and farmers from all across the state bring their goods for sale.

Custom home design by Woodway architects
From the main living areas to the study, every room is meticulously designed.

Woodway Architects Provide Home Design Suited to Your Tastes

Woodway architecture is just as diverse and dynamic as the residents who dwell there. Early Woodway architects were the English settlers who saw the purpose of their homes primarily in terms of the function that they served. The homes were simple and were designed to satisfy the inhabitants need for leisure and family connection after a long day’s work.

As Woodway grew and developed, home designers were free to adapt their designs to the desires of the diverse clients they were designing for. Many of the sprawling estates were elegant, custom designs that harkened back to the classic homes of the past with infusions of modern living.

Custom home designers are always in high demand from residents seeking to establish a sense of home in this desirable neighborhood. Woodway luxury architects have made their mark with spectacular homes for almost a century.

Featured Project: Woodway Restoration

Woodway Restoration Home Design
Woodway restoration, where European style meets Woodway views.

At Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture, one of our favorite Woodway custom home projects is Woodway Restoration. A European style manor, Woodway Restoration exemplifies the seamless merging of old and new.

Originally constructed in the 1920s, Woodway Restoration bears the work of Elizabeth Ayers, Washington State’s first female architect. In undertaking this restoration, our architects carefully restored the historic home as they added additional rooms and a separate entertaining pavilion.

The home’s modern kitchen retains its old-world charm with imported Tuscan tiles, retrofitted antique plumbing fixtures, and honed marble slabs. Verdant landscaping and climbing vines lend an air of whimsical historicity and longevity to the manor’s striking exterior. Today, it serves as a quintessential picture of Woodway residential architecture.

Woodway Architects Interior
Ornate cabinetry, granite surfaces and natural light abound in this custom Woodway home.

Woodway Architects for Your Home

As local Woodway architects, we constantly pursue the art of architecture as the calling for our work.  The constantly evolving community of Woodway provides us with an endless opportunity to answer this calling in original and dynamic ways. We delight in the process of merging the preferences and imaginations of our clients with the distinct character of the Woodway location that they select to build their dream home.

Every project presents a new opportunity to consider more deeply how we merge form with function, and to paint a portrait in architecture of our clients’ unique lifestyles.  Serving that purpose is our life’s work and greatest honor. To learn more about designing your custom home, contact us.