The Balcony Beckons

Balconies are romantic. Unlike a patio or porch, which are usually on the ground and have multiple access points, a balcony resides on an upper floor and you can only get there through the building.  This instantly makes the space more intimate and often improves the view. Could your home use a private balcony? Here are a couple examples to inspire you.

Bellevue private balcony

The most romantic, but least practical, is the Juliette balcony. Although this balcony does not offer seating, it can be used as a mini garden with potted plants. Another advantage to this balcony is that they doors can be fully opened to let in light and air without the danger of falling. You will notice that this Storybook Cottage also has a typical balcony to the left. Combining different types of balconies offers functional and stylistic variability.

Larger, more traditional balconies can create a wonderfully relaxing space. This Westview Manor home has an excellent example of the kind of soothing space that a private balcony can create. Although the space is not huge it still accommodates seating for four and would be the ideal setting for an intimate cocktail party. Wood paneling on the ceiling, stylish columns and  crown molding give the space a refined yet informal feel.

Bellevue private balcony

For a true sense of the majesty that a private balcony can provide look no further than this balcony above the water. It exemplifies that fact that balconies are a great way to take advantage of amazing views. To fit with the style of the rest of the home the construction material for this balcony is mostly wood and stone. The natural materials blend into the surroundings. To keep the view as open as possible glass railing inserts were used. The effect makes you feel like you are flying.

I hope we have given you some inspiring ideas for the type of balcony that may fit your home. To start the design process contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture.