The Art of Architecture: Articulating History

“To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history, but to articulate it.” Daniel Libeskind

The Art of Architecture: Beauty in Comfort

Architecture creates beauty in safety. It transforms refuge into spaces of comfort. It aims to create a place that welcomes you in with peace, elegance, and a sense of timelessness.

The Art of Architecture: Simplicity of Home

“Our opportunity, as designers, is to learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and to realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple.” Tim Parsey

The Art of Architecture: Setting the Scene

The art of architecture considers context—it considers the larger scene in which the home is set. With every home design, we seek to reflect natural beauty in our work. We use colors, materials, and textures that work with the landscape, and we use landscape to frame those elements.

Mountain Living Recognizes Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture is privileged to be listed among Mountain Living’s Top Architects and Designers of 2019. It’s an honor to be counted among this list of inspiring and award winning architects. As we meet with clients and turn dreams into sketches, sketches into plans, and plans into homes, we can’t help but remember …

The Art of Architecture: Pursuing Wonder

“Architecture is not based on concrete and steel, and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder.” Daniel Libeskind

The Art of Architecture: Exercising Art

Every time we put pencil, pen, or brush to paper, we discover new corners of creativity. It is in exercising art that we deepen our understanding of the beauty of architecture.

The Art of Architecture: Greyscale Garage

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

The Art of Architecture: Sketched in Time

Each sketch pushes us to think creatively, to begin simply. Only paper, pencil, and inspiration from the clients. Pursuing architecture as art means each home is an entirely new creation, unique in beauty, purpose, and context. This is the art of architecture.

The Art of Architecture: Presenting Beauty

“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.” Julia Morgan