The Art of Architecture: Simplicity of Home

“Our opportunity, as designers, is to learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and to realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple.” Tim Parsey

The Art of Architecture: Setting the Scene

The art of architecture considers context—it considers the larger scene in which the home is set. With every home design, we seek to reflect natural beauty in our work. We use colors, materials, and textures that work with the landscape, and we use landscape to frame those elements.

Sage in your ketchup? What custom residential architecture looks like

What IS architecture? Have you ever asked this question? Most people have at one point or another considered what it would be like to design and build their own custom home. What stops them is that surprisingly there are quite a few misconceptions about custom residential architecture floating around out there.  Today we thought we …