5 Fireplace Designs for Fall

Great home architecture emerges when form and function meet. It’s not wasteful or flippant. Rather, it possesses charm and grace in the midst of everyday utility. Fireplace design showcases this principle.

Created to be a source of light and warmth in the dark, cold hours of the year, the fireplace is an opportunity to create a compelling focal point in any space, be it living room, bedroom, or back patio. Here are five of our favorites.


fireplace design in Bellevue

Tucked away in the Washington mountains, Cedar Haven is a refuge in the forest. The cedar trees cleared before building were repurposed into the home itself, helping to frame the sweeping living room windows. In keeping with the homeowner’s request that the fireplace be “large enough to roast an ox in,” the fireplace stands in proportion to the room, using rustic stone to ground the space.


home architecture and fireplace design

Inspired by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original fireplace designs, Prairie House in the Virginia Woods captures the prairie style home with a modern brick fireplace design.


home architecture and fireplace design

Woodway Manor, a historic remodel project, draws on more traditional fireplace design styles. Ornate stonework frames the fireplace and imparts an old world elegance to the Pacific Northwest home.


home architecture and fireplace design

Lakefront Splendor puts a contemporary twist on the age-old feature of home architecture. A ribbon fireplace stretches across the living room wall, framed by stunningly textured stone.


home architecture and fireplace design

A Touch of Normandy captures the essence of French-country style in the guest house living room. A herringbone brick fireplace flanked by built-in bookshelves creates a delicate focal point for the living space.