5 Home Office Designs that Make the Best of Remote Work

With advancements in technology making it ever easier to work remotely, an increasing number of professionals are taking advantage of the ability to work from home. Yet working from home presents its own unique challenges. Professionals still need a dedicated, distraction free space to focus and be productive. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite home office designs to inspire you.

Pop of Color

Home office design with splashes of color

Ratio House mingles natural wood and stone tones with pops of color. A bright red chair and rich textured door add life to the designated work space and a subtly curved wood desk softens the stark lines of the ribbon fireplace.

Into the Woods

Home office design with a view of nature

Cedar Haven merges home and forest at every opportunity. The spacious home office design boasts floor to ceiling windows that look directly into the woods beyond. Classic wood cabinetry imbue an understated beauty along with ample storage space.

Bright Nook

Yellow nook office

Classic on the Green’s home office makes the most of a bright nook. With elegant symmetry, the white desk and cabinets offer space to work and stay organized without feeling overly formal.

Formal & Friendly

Stately and elegant home office design

Ravenswood Farm embraces a spacious, classic home office design. Light pours through the wall of windows and the French doors that lead out onto the lawn. Ornately painted Windsor chairs bring a sense of classic charm to the space.

Artist’s Retreat

charming art studio

Prairie House in the Virginia Woods makes space for creative work. Bright nooks and and walls of windows allow the homeowner views of the natural world outside, bringing inspiration within reach.

If you have questions or want to talk through options for shaping your home office design to fit your needs, contact us.