5 Luxury Home Renovations

Remodels are exciting opportunities to take old, storied homes and breathe new life into them. We’ve done countless such transformations in our 30 year history. Here are a few of our favorite home renovations.

Ratio House

Ratio House is came to us as a dated, 1970s split level home that failed to take advantage of the stunning views right out the back windows. But the homeowners had a vision, and Bellevue home designer Curtis Gelotte ran with it. The result: a contemporary, Asia-inspired home that embraces natural beauty with all the comforts of home.

Lakefront Splendor

Bellevue home designer Scott Hommas reimagined this once cold, monochromatic home. He opened up the main living areas and invited light in with folding glass walls. Wood finishes warm the house while metal railings and clean lines keep it contemporary.

Woodway Manor

In house remodeling, new doesn’t always mean modern. Woodway Manor’s century-old design was timeless, but the homeowners needed additional space. Eric Drivdahl, an architect trained in historic renovations, created a seamless transition between the old home and the new wing.

Storybook Cottage

Seattle’s Storybook Cottage was born of the 1920s storybook house trend, but with time, it fell into disrepair. The home’s current inhabitants made it their mission to restore character to the unique home…but with a modern twist. Together, our architects helped them craft a fitting cedar-shingled roof and light-filled master bedroom suite in the former attic.

Glassworks Remodel

Home renovations extend beyond the kitchen and bathrooms. These Seattle homeowners dreamed of a functional, luxurious outdoor living space with a Moroccan flair. The outdoor fireplace, couches, kitchen, and intricate beams bring the once stagnant back yard to life.

Remodels allow homeowners to achieve their dream home and enhance functionality without the rigors of moving from a beloved space. We’d be honored to hear your own fixer-upper dreams.