5 Things Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, and if you love to entertain, chances are you’ve considered putting one in your backyard before. However, the logistics and process of incorporating an outdoor kitchen into a contemporary home design can feel pretty challenging for the average homeowner. While hiring a reputable architectural and design firm like Gelotte Hommas Architecture can help, there are five tips you can use on your own to help you perfect the look and appeal of your outdoor kitchen while making sure it has everything you need.

outdoor kitchen in Seattle
Here are five tips you can use in your home to maximize your the appearance of your outdoor kitchen while making sure it has everything you need.
  • Design an outdoor kitchen that has a clear preparation area with a working sink. Prep work can be very difficult if you have to keep running back inside to wash vegetables or cut meat. Being able to do it all outside is essential.
  • Give yourself a good grill station and a few burners for side dishes and vegetables. With that, you should be able to make almost any meal outdoors.
  • Use materials that allow your kitchen to blend with your surroundings while still having a personality of its own. This is highly dependent on where you live and your home’s style, but making sure they match up is very important.
  • Focus on seating. If you have a small outdoor kitchen area, you’ll likely want bar-style seating around it, especially if you want to keep your guests entertained and stay in the conversation. Consider building a bar around the kitchen so you aren’t cut off from the group while you’re cooking.
  • Consider adding a tap at the end of your bar. This is a fun way to keep guests engaged and you can put anything in it, from your favorite beer to your favorite soda to simple sparkling water.

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