6 Tips for a Great Relationship with Your Home Design Team

Architecture is a pursuit of artistry. From initial conversation to final construction, home architectural design is a journey. When clients first approached us with the Ratio House project, they came with a desire to breathe new life into a dated water-view home. They had a vision, but they wanted a professional architect to help craft the space into something that truly worked and looked beautiful. Through the course of the design journey, they leaned into partnership with their design team and created a home that could carry them forward for years to come. 

Here’s how to create that kind of relationship with your own design team:

Find a Team You Trust

Home architectural design outside a Seattle home

Home design is a journey, and you need a guide you can trust. Take time to research and consider the right home architectural design teams for your needs. Look at examples of the firm’s work and ask questions about their process, philosophy, and approach. Make sure you can connect with your designer and trust their guidance.

Speak Openly 

Your home design team wants to bring you your dream home, so don’t hesitate to communicate openly about what want. Share your wild ideas and your specific hopes. Your architect will help distill the dream into something that is entirely realistic.

Be Open to Ideas

Home architectural design in a Seattle living room

Your architect brings unique skills and insights to your design project. Be open to their ideas. You hired them for a reason. Allow them to speak into the creative process and help you create a home that exceeds expectations in anyways.

Ask Questions

Your home design team is committed to serving you. From artistic concepts to the practicalities of building a home, your team is experienced and able to answer or help you find answers to all your home design and build questions. Lean into that expertise and embrace the peace of mind that comes with having the answers.


Home architectural design in a Seattle bathroom

Every project inevitably comes with tough choices. Set your priorities early and choose which components are “musts,” which are “hopes,” and which are “it’d be nice to haves.” This will help guide your decision making as you go.

Embrace the Journey

Above all, remember that this is (hopefully!) a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Find humor and inspiration in it. And make memories as you watch your dream home come to life.

Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture approaches every home design with an eye to the client’s unique needs and tastes. From contemporary residences to a traditional homes, we create spaces that work in harmony and provide beauty for daily life. Contact us to learn more about building your custom home. 

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