A Taste of Tuscany in Landscape Architecture

Luxury home design requires attention to every detail that comprises a home. From exterior materials to interior fixtures, it’s the small details that work together to create the overall sense of style and “home” that you crave. Landscape architecture, while often considered an afterthought, is a central consideration for a cohesive home design experience.

Landscape & Home Design

Tuscan style landscape architecture for luxury home design

Landscape architecture should never be an afterthought or add-on. The setting should inform the home, and good design begins with a site visit to explore your property. As architects, we consider the natural landscape, potential views, natural light, and orientation of a plot. As design progresses, we work alongside landscape architects to craft a home that accentuates and integrates the natural beauty around it.

Landscape Design in Action

Tuscan Transformation began with an existing structure in need of attention. As we worked with the homeowner to reshape the house into a storied Tuscan villa, we paid close attention to the needs of a classic Tuscan garden. Stonework and staircases feature heavily in the garden.

Tuscan style landscape architecture with fountain for luxury home design

A wall fountain adds ambiance to a quiet front garden while a pergola brings character to an entertaining space near a covered patio.

Tuscan style landscape architecture with sustainable foliage for luxury home design

Throughout the property, sustainable foliage adds color and texture, making the Tuscan-inspired house look natural in its environs.

As you embark on your luxury home design journey, your Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl architect will guide you through the process, helping you make the right selections, the right hires, and the right decisions so you can achieve the home you’re looking for. We’ll help you consider the landscaping needs of your home throughout the process. Contact us to learn more.