Architecture for the Birds

We are artists, through and through, and while that creative drive most often expresses itself in how we design homes, it just as easily comes out in the design and build of birdhouses.

Not long ago, our team took a moment to celebrate our anniversary as a firm. Traditionally, we’ve done this with a gathering of clients and colleagues at our Bellevue office, but, like everything, this year took on a different format.

The entire Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl team met for an afternoon of picnicking and fun at the park. The highlight was our friendly birdhouse design contest.

Each GHDA team member put forward a birdhouse of their own design, each adding their own flair in pursuit of the ideal avian abode.

The results represented a spectrum of styles and, all told, made a fantastic outlet for both quirkiness and beauty.

Take a look!

A tasteful white cottage for the bird with timeless taste. Interior features a farmhouse kitchen and ample shiplap.
Gorgeous, two-story Pacific Northwest cabin prepared to observe all the beauty of the world outside.
For the bird with a penchant for fine automobiles, a home complete with attached garage.
Geometry, texture, and color meet in this fun, young bachelor pad.
Craftsman finishes highlight the rustic charm of this elegant duplex.
Custom copper roofing makes the stained wood grain absolutely shine on this exquisite retreat.
Get away from the chirp of modern life with a home that feels like it emerged organically from its woodland surroundings.
This log chalet affords the adventurous bird a warm, comfortable home base for enduring a winter in the north.
This CDC-approved design offers shelter from both COVID-19 and the avian flu. Comes with a year’s supply of toilet paper and sourdough starter.
Young talent expresses itself in this vibrant statement house from one of our favorite apprentices.