Bark Art: Canines and Colleagues

We take our tagline–the art of architecture–seriously. We believe that the better artists we are, the better architects we are. We also don’t mind having a little fun with our art!

Each year, Luxe hosts Bark Art–a charity event that brings home design experts together in support of the Assistance League of Seattle’s Operation School Bell program. We relish the chance to partner with our colleagues for an evening of creative fun and collaboration.

Throughout the evening, each team of artist, architect, builder, and designer collaborates to create a canine-inspired painting. The artist leads the design team in composing the portrait, and the other team members contribute their own flourishes along the way.

This year’s event marked a first, however. Scott Hommas was asked to participate not in the role of architect, but in the role of artist. He and Eric Drivdahl worked on the green design team to create a happy dog, head out the car window, reveling in life.

Besides Scott’s stint as canine portrait artist, the evening was special for another reason: Eric’s birthday! He celebrated with colleagues, friends, family, food, and art. Perfection!

We’re grateful for a network of talented architects, designers, and builders with whom we can work and celebrate. And thank you, Luxe, for hosting this event. We so enjoyed joining with fellow home design experts and  exercising our creative gifts under Scott’s guidance. We walked away with renewed vigor for designing artful custom homes.

Home design experts create custom homes and custom art.
Our illustrious design team composed of architects, designers, and contractors.
Colleagues and friends create custom homes and custom art.
Bellevue architect Eric Drivdahl celebrates his birthday with family and friends.
Colleagues and friends collaborate on home design...and charitable art!
Bellevue architect Scott Hommas meticulously directs his design team. His vision and leadership make not just for a fun evening of painting, but also for superb custom homes
Colleagues and friends collaborate on home design...and charitable art!
Our finished painting! This dog is the essence of life, color, and pure joy.