Bask in the Light

Natural light is among the best adornments for a home. It’s timeless. It goes with any style. It benefits everyone. And as we’ve mentioned, it increases the quality of life for those who bask in it. So let’s explore architectural features that add light and life to your home.


Skylights invite natural light to pour into your home and accentuate other architectural features within your space. Like many of these light-emphasizing features, they play a significant role in reducing electricity demands on your home throughout the day, and they’re a great solution for personal spaces in your home. Skylights add natural light to bedrooms and bathrooms without sacrificing a sense of privacy.

French Doors and Glass Walls

Natural light merges the best of healthy living and architecture

Glass doors elegantly combine form and function. They act as focal points, entryways, and purveyors of light. French doors bring a classic look to any space, while folding glass walls infuse a more contemporary air. Both solutions allow natural light to filter into your home in the winter, and open your home to warm breezes in the summer months.

Interior Windows

Interior windows allow natural light to reach deep into your home, touching spaces that are otherwise lean on natural light. Install interior windows above eye level to maintain privacy in adjoining spaces.

Window Walls

The living room windows look out into the treetops. Photo Credit: Ben Benschneider

With modern window insulation technology, window walls are a stunning and energy saving solution. Incorporate a long series of windows into a smaller space or a sweeping window wall into your main living space to maximize natural light and capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Regardless of home type, natural light always adds beauty and compliments your unique design style. Our architects would love to help you weave natural light into your dream home build or remodel. We look forward to serving you.

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