Beautiful Ruins

Standing in the middle of an ancient building, knowing that people who lived  hundreds of years ago once stood on that same spot is a powerful feeling. A connection with those long since gone through their architecture can make us feel more grounded in this sometimes ephemeral world. Plus, old architecture is beautiful.  However, there are aspects of our modern lives that do not easily lend themselves to living in classical architecture. To resolve the issue of wanting an older looking home with the amenities of a modern one this hybrid design was created.


Two traditional Norman style stone buildings flank either side of a contemporary main living space. This creates the illusion that a modern home was built into the ruins of a previous building. An historical context is created to accompany this more current design. The effect is a very distinct style that is both familiar and quite unique. The large windows of the contemporary section take in the gorgeous lake view while the more classical architecture feels as if it anchors the home to the steep hillside. This home is currently in progress but when it is done it will be a one-of-a-kind custom home. To learn more about this home and see in-progress photos click here.