How Building Information Modeling Makes Your Dream Home Tangible

Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture is a team of passionate individuals determined to serve our clients. That’s our heart: service. And while we often draw on the past for inspiration and wisdom in our Pacific Northwest custom designs, we also push toward the future and embrace the latest technology to serve our clients well. That’s where Michael Krause, our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager, comes in.

Why BIM?

Michael is a GHDA architect who shares the firm’s passion for the art of architecture, and he uses innovative technology to help clients fully visualize their dream homes. Working with Bellevue architects Curt, Scott, and Eric, Michael transforms 2D floorplans into comprehensive 3D electronic models. These 3D models allow our clients to see how each space in their custom home works with every other space–how our architects’ detailed calculations and designs merge together to form a complete home, inside and out.

In short, this architecture technology allows you to see just how thoroughly your GHDA team understands your vision.

A sample BIMx 3D room.

How Building Information Modeling Serves You

Michael points out that these innovative 3D renderings and BIM tools go beyond helping you imagine your dream home. They revolutionize the entire home design and building journey.

“Building Information Modeling allows us to communicate more easily with our contractors, which in turn allows contractors to more accurately price the project,” Michael explains. Contractors and architects can work from the same page…starting at page one! As a result, the homeowner can more confidently avoid price increases or cost overruns. We’re grateful for opportunities to help our clients invest more confidently in their dream homes.

The Future of BIM

BIM and electronic 3D modeling is a tangible, cutting edge resource for custom design, and it’s one more tool we use to walk with our clients through the home design process. And Michael points out that this is only the beginning!

In the coming months and years, we’ll use this technology to help you visualize your dream home in even more comprehensive and realistic ways, and we can’t wait to share those methods with you.