Cast your vote for best gingerbread house!

Our team is filled with talented designers who love a good challenge. Traditionally, we’ve participated in the annual Gingerbread Village in Seattle, which has been a company favorite for many years. But given the circumstances, this year we proposed a more personal project.

Provided with one classic gingerbread house kit and a small decoration budget, we challenged our team members to create the ideal edible estate. They were given full creative freedom to take it in whatever direction they desired, and they certainly delivered.

Each design has been photographed and displayed below for you to enjoy. Now it’s your turn to decide who will win in our first annual Gingerbread House Decoration Awards (GHDA).

Cast your vote for the winning design here now through noon on Friday, December 17!

1 | Winter Simplicity

This classic stucco home’s beautiful wreath and decorative patterned shingles make it a favorite destination for the neighborhood’s Christmas carolers.

2 | Starbucks Candy Zone

Surrounded by an innovative gelatin floor pattern and topped with a breathtaking spiraled roof, this coffee shop is the home of warm drinks and holiday cheer.

3 | Pretzel Cabin Retreat

This rustic cabin’s sweeping pretzel beams perfectly accentuate its elegant chimney. Its charming wood-like style invites you to settle down by the fire with a good book.

4 | Chocolate Cabin

Built to withstand the blizzardy northlands, this cabin’s sturdy chocolate braces provide the perfect complement to the colorful lights above.

5 | Snowboarders

Settled within the fluffy powder of freshly fallen snow, this festive mountain retreat promises incredible views and lifelong memories on the surrounding slopes.

6 | Scooby Doo & Shaggy Too

From the pink brick walkway to its very own Mystery Machine and larger-than-life detectives, this home guarantees that your Christmas here will be merry and bright.

7 | Retro Toys

With an innovative interlocking fence, a spacious yard, and its very own Christmas tree, this home is part of an old-fashioned neighborhood that’s perfect for kids and parents alike.

8 | Frosty’s Candy Christmas

When your children say they want to laugh and play, look no further than this family funhouse. Its candy-coated walkway and chocolate cookie columns will delight them for years to come.

9 | Winterscape

This expansive house on a hill includes a crystal-clear skating pond, an evergreen forest, and its very own snowman society. Follow the gravel trail into this delightful home away from home.

10 | Gingerbread Village

This property brings together a variety of smaller homes into its own little microtown. With angels on the rooftops and a life-size nativity, all who enter will feel its great joy.