Character in the Details

Every client brings their own unique style, a unique story that informs their dream home. This means that we get to explore the art of architecture afresh with each new home design project…and we love that.

At a 2010 Port Townsend custom home, we explored the best of craftsman style with accents of English charm, Asian flair, and all-around whimsy throughout.

First Impressions

Port Townsend custom home

The hallmark of the craftsman style is just that: hand crafted artistry. It’s about caring for the details and savoring the labor that goes into them. English Craftsman presents this concept from the first approach. A verdant garden surrounds the home, framing it in natural beauty. Large gables dominate the facade and a charming, rounded window centers the design and invites natural light into the main living spaces.

Craftsman style home design project

A corresponding window setting dominates the far end of the primary living area, bookending the space with perfect symmetry and highlighting the open design.

Finer Points

While this Port Townsend custom home presents a beautiful overall design, we’re partial to the details that give this home deep character.

Port Townsend custom home

Curious sculptures enliven the exterior. A pterodactyl perches on one of the eaves and a rotund insect rests on a gable peak.

Craftsman style home design project

A mobile-inspired chandelier graces the approach to the front door, bringing light and movement to the entry space.

Port Townsend custom home

Inside, custom light fixtures dangle across the dining room table and offer their own story to all who gather around.

Craftsman style home design project

The craftsman movement’s Asian influences receive several nods throughout this home design project, including this Chinese lattice work above the fireplace.

Each craftsman home tells a story. They offer comfort, refuge, warmth, and character in every inch.

What story does your home tell?