Check out one of our projects that is about to break ground.

Our underway project Deliberate Demense is about to break ground on the water in Medina. This project is a 7,400 square foot new construction home.

Site Plan

It has a flexible, open floor plan designed for entertaining including a light filled kitchen and great room with open views to Meydenbauer Bay.

Rendering of our project in Medina “Deliberate Demense”

The style is a contemporary rendition of traditional Mediterranean details.  The lot the home is being built on has a structure on it currently that will need to be demo’ed first. As is our tradition, our client’s get to take the first “whack” at the existing structure before our machinery tears it down. Once that happens we will be sure to post pics for you all to enjoy!

One comment on “Check out one of our projects that is about to break ground.

  • Hope the Demolition has an eye toward re-purposing all that you can. That would be one hell of a promotional item in video and print. Maybe to local media also.


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