Classic on the Green Plays up Elegant Yellows

A great deal of the beauty of traditional architecture undoubtedly lies in its timeless charm. The Gelotte Hommas designed Classic on the Green does an excellent job of honoring that timeless beauty in its design while incorporating a elegant color palette that keeps the home looking fresh, relaxing, and modern.

Traditional architecture from Bellevue architects
The stately dining room in Classic on the Green incorporates a fresh, citrus color palette.

Classic on the Green uses a versatile citrus color palette to keep the rooms looking alternately bold and serene. Yellow can either infuse a room with a pop of color, or be an understated neutral depending upon the shade. Here a different ways to incorporate some beautiful yellows into your design:

Play up a bold yellow with bright, white accents…

The golden yellow in the dining room pops against the walls thanks to the clean, white trim that encases the space. Cream-colored curtains keep the room looking demure, while lime green flowers add hint of playfulness.

…Or play it down with dark wood finishes.

The mustard colored office in Classic on the Green manages to be warm without being overwhelming thanks to the dark wood finishes that accent the room.

Keep bedrooms serene with a pale yellow.

The master bedroom in this house looks like a vacation resort thanks to the creamy yellow walls and stormy blue accents. Big windows and white trim keep the space feeling open and airy. The tranquility continues into the daffodil colored master bath, which includes an elegant white soaker and marble floors.

If you need help picking out the best color scheme to compliment the traditional architecture of your dreams, contact Gelotte Hommas architects today!