Custom Design Fosters Healthy Homes

More than ever, healthy homes are a priority.

No two lives are the same, after all, and environmental needs vary from person to person. Custom home designs allow homeowners to create and build homes that cater to their unique health needs. We’ve gathered a few ideas for healthy homes.

Updated Kitchen for Healthier Habits

Many people acknowledge that the kitchen is the hub of the home. From morning coffee to homework at the counter to midnight snacks, life happens in the kitchen. Houzz revealed that homeowners who remodeled their kitchens cooked more meals at home, ordered out less frequently, and added more wholesome ingredients to their diets. Clean lines, clear organization, light colors, and and more open space encourage healthier lifestyle habits.

Medina architects craft artful custom home designs

Light and Space

Natural light trumps artificial. Humans need sunlight to thrive, and interior design trends welcome windows and open spaces wherever possible. Especially in the Pacific Northwest where seasonal affective disorder is a common winter malady, large, well-placed windows boost happiness and decrease anxiety. Add higher ceilings and overall spaciousness to feel freer, more creative, and more focused.


More and more homeowners are opting to stay with their homes long term. This means custom home designs should consider long term needs. French doors, first floor master bedrooms, and gorgeous curbless showers provide increased accessibility without sacrificing design aesthetics.

Interior design trends encourage healthy homes

Our Medina architects take pride in crafting healthy homes uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. It’s part of the art of architecture and the art of service that we take great pride in. We’d be honored to help you design a healthy, luxurious space for you and your loved ones.