Design with Constraints

It is always great when clients come to us knowing just what they want. Want an indoor home tennis court? Sure. Bowling lane and rec room? No problem. Fully equipped exercise room? Done. Our Issaquah architects can do all of that and more while adhering to zoning a building codes that restrict height and size.

Indoor home tennis court from Issaquah architects GHDA.

Creative thinking is often used in architecture to give the client what they want while simultaneously building to code. For this project, designer Eric Drivdhal ended up putting the indoor home tennis court below ground so that the home did not exceed the total height allowed. It took extra engineering to make the design structurally sound. Will the the work that went into the tennis court it was decided that it should be used for more than just one purpose. So a custom climbing wall was designed as well as a stage backdrop at one end of the tennis court and a car lift so that cars could be moved from the garage to the tennis court if need be. Might as well get the most out of your space.

To read more about the expansive project and see computer renderings of interior click here. Our Issaquah architects would love to help you design your own tennis court, climbing wall, or music venue.