Eat And Be Merry

Food is a necessity. We must eat to live, but we can also eat to celebrate, spend time together, or commiserate. Now that the holiday season has begun, our minds turn to how we plan to accommodate all of our guests. Do we have enough room for everyone? Are there enough seats at our table for the whole family? We may not think about needing a formal dining room during the rest of the year, but during the holiday season they start to seem like a very good idea indeed. Perhaps one of these gorgeous dining rooms will be the center of your next celebration.

Elegant dining room
The stately dining room in Classic on the Green incorporates a fresh, citrus color palette.

The stately dining room in Classic on the Green incorporates a fresh, citrus color palette which downplays the formality of the room. The large arched doorway, beamed ceiling and built in display cabinets give the room a sophisticated charm.

Classic dining room

Rich wood paneling is the star of this formal dinning room and can be seen throughout the Woodway Manor. Double doors can be closed to create a more intimate setting while unique furnishings, such as the mirrored sideboard, add an historical feel.


Beach front dining room
It is not impossible to imbue a coastal home design with traditional elements into your home.

Not all eating areas need to be so grand and formal. At this Coastal Cove home a relaxed beach design highlights the amazing view. Large windows and contemporary style make this the perfect place to enjoy a family breakfast. White walls and light colored flooring contribute to the breezy and bright feel of this room.

Sun filled dining room

Flexible space design is very popular right now. Combining the kitchen, living and dinning areas into one large open space is a hot architectural style these days. At this Casa del Sol you can certainly enjoy the sun while dinning in a relaxed setting. And when the meal is finished, your guests need only move a few feet to cozy up to the fire and continue the conversation.

Does your home need a new dining area? Or do you need a new home entirely? Gelotte Hommas Architecture designs both custom homes and remodels. So call us today to start planning the perfect place for your next celebration.