Friday Fun – The Aqua Nook

Happy Friday everyone! Here is Seattle our Friday is bright and filled with – FISH! That’s right, fish. One of our underway projects has had a fun turn of design over the last few days and I wanted to share.

In our project “The Redmond Residence” there is a grand entrance leading you into hallway that horizontally spans the length of the house with all the rooms branching off. At one end of the hallway is a little nook. Originally (as you can see from the sketch below) the center point of this little nook was going to be a fireplace.

The view looking down the hallway towards the nook.

Now the plan has changed, and so has the name. Now the view at the end of the hallway is going to be a massive 3′ by 5′ fish tank.

Looking at the fish tank wall straight on

How fun is that! This little nook is basically a transparent wall (minus the oceanic scene of course) with little portholes on either side.
Here is a view from the top down to give you an idea.

You can see the portholes off to either side

An Aqua Nook!

This is just one amazing feature to this great project.