Functional Architecture: The Beauty and the Brawn

When people look at homes in shelter magazines, they discuss how beautiful a space is, and how much they would love to have aspects A, B, and C in their soon to be constructed space. Yet, when you sit down with someone to discuss what features they would like in their home, they’re likely to discuss issues they have with their current space, and what problem solving, functional features would be great to have.

Great design is about marrying form and function, beauty and brawn, to create a cohesive, well designed space that is both beautiful to the eye and appreciated by the mind for it’s functionality. We recently featured photos from Vista Ridge Imaging in our Northest by Northwest Project that display these ideals well:

A classic library design gets a modern spark and a fresh feel.

Built in bookcases in the library keep the the space uncluttered and unencumbered, while the spacing of the shelves allows for larger titles and a sleek, spacious modern feel that keeps the room from feeling stuffy.

The kitchen island now works for prep and for guests.

Single level islands often put anyone on a bar stool in the thick of food preparation rather than allowing them a place as a comfortable spectator. By raising a portion of the island, we create an interesting silhouette while also adding seating space and more room to work.

Adding a recessed space adds architecture interest and useful areas to the room.

This dining room has a recess that may seem just for show, but it also keeps a buffet out of the way of the main room, so guests can walk without dodging furniture. Closets in the dining room provide great storage for special china, linens, and more.

Add function and beauty to your home to create a harmonious and beautiful place that you’ll cherish for years to come. For help with this aspect of your new home’s design, contact Gelotte Hommas today.