Gelotte Hommas Creates Tuscan Home Designs

There are so many different styles to consider when designing a custom home. Obviously, your personal taste is going to have a huge influence. If you’re on the fence at the moment, we suggest that you check out Tuscan style design.

Designing a custom home in Sammamish
Our Sammamish Tuscan home boasts plenty of Tuscan features, including it’s large wood garage doors and front entrance and wrought iron exterior wall lanterns.

Tuscan homes have a very welcoming and homey feel to them. If you have a love for the Italian countryside and everything it evokes, Tuscan style is a fantastic option. Some of the features that Tuscan homes are known for include large wooden shutters, wood that’s left natural or distressed, interior balconies, wrought iron ornamentation and textured walls.

Here at Gelotte Hommas, we have experience designing many different types of custom homes, including Tuscan homes. Take for example our Sammamish Tuscan home. This home boasts many of the previously stated features, including large wood garage doors and front entrance and wrought iron exterior wall lanterns. The subtle yellow color of the home’s exterior combined with the use of weathered stone definitely evokes the colors of the Italian countryside. And yes, the second floor does have a balcony that looks down on the home’s main living area.

There’s also a gorgeous pool out back that’s reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean luxury. The use of textured walls and pillars throughout the interior offer up that same kind of luxury and elegance. The living room also boasts oversized glass doors and windows to let in as much sunlight as possible all while providing a beautiful view of the outdoors.

The Sammamish Tuscan home is a great example of what we can accomplish using the Tuscan style. We believe it’s a great choice for anyone looking for that classic Mediterranean look, which provides both elegance and warmth. Be sure to contact us at Gelotte Hommas for more information on designing a custom home.