Gelotte Hommas is going MAD for #SOCIALMADNESS

The Puget Sound Business Journal has an annual competition where they try and find out the most socially acceptable organizations around. The Puget Sound Business Journal has dubbed this competition #SocialMadness and it’s pretty awesome. In order to even be apart of the madness your organization has to be nominated, and GHA found out today that we were! Thank you to who ever voted for us, we are honored! Now –  to quote the PSBJ “Let the games begin!”

PSBJ_social_madness_iconWe are going to have to bring our A game to this social throw down – that part is obvious, but we need your help. Will you all please go vote for us? It will only take a second of your time, and it’s FREE! * Let’s face it, people love free these days*

To vote for us (you know you want to) just click HERE , scroll down until you see us GELOTTE HOMMAS ARCHITECTURE then click the VOTE check and YOUR DONE! Ha! (Told you it’d be easy)

voted_GHA_PSBJWe think we have a prettygood social presence, but let’s see if we are right. Will you help us make it to the next round?
Our SCORE will be measured across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, FB and Twitter. We will need engagement in the form of ‘likes,’ ‘shares,’ and comments on these platforms.
After you vote, please take a moment and follow our pages and ‘like,’ ‘share,’ and comment away! ”
Our fan page at
or follow us on Twitter:
Thanks a million!

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