GHA 2013 holiday goodies

The Holidays are a big deal around here, and we spend many hours planning and preparing for our annual cards and gifts. Last year we came up with the GHA desktop calendar as a way to give a thoughtful gift that would last a bit longer through the year, and this year we took it to another level.

Gelotte Hommas Desktop Calendar

Gelotte Hommas Desktop Calendar

The base for the calendars was wooden last year, but this year we designed a base from the GHA logo and had some custom silicone bases fabricated.
After that we poured the concrete and let it set.

3d Rendering

The 2013 GHA holiday cards are more interactive than they have ever been before.


We knew the over all theme of the card was going to be blue prints for the sled, but then we wondered if there was a way to bring out of the 2d into 3d. That’s where it got fun!
We knew we wanted it to be out of a material that was light enough to mail with our cards, but sturdy enough to maintain the shape. Bass wood would be perfect, and that’s where Scott Younger took our idea and ran with it. He is the owner of Alliance Packaging and the gentleman who works with us every year to manufacture our cardboard playhouses.  We brought the design to him and asked if it could be done, and he did the rest. 800 laser cut sleds later, I think he *might* have regretted his decision. They look great Scott! Great job to Alliance on these.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture laser cut sleds
If you have received a card or gift this year, leave us a comment. We would love to know what you think! IMG_0054Happy Holidays everyone, from all of us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture.

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