GHA on Houzz

Gelotte Hommas Architecture recently woke up one morning to learn that one of our projects had been featured in a Houzz article.

The article, “How to Live With Plants,” explores the creative incorporation of plants and flowers into home designs and features projects from several great architecture and design firms. The Houzz article suggests growing indoor greenery in your window sill, under a skylight, in a passageway, or even in an indoor garden. We especially appreciated the artistic use of indoor trees as partitions between rooms and the creation of a green wall to add beauty, reduce noise, and insulate heat.

Contemporary home designs featuring indoor plants.

Our own featured photo used dry trees to add organic movement against the geometric lines of the home. The home—Casa Del Sol—endeavors to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors with numerous French doors and a master suite wrapped in glass.

Jump over to to explore the “How to Live With Plants” idea book as well as a plethora of other inspiring home designs.

How do plants and greenery factor into your dream home design? We’d love to hear your ideas and strategize with you.