How to float a house through the Ballard Locks

Our project English Country Estate commenced on Monday by removing the existing house and floating it up to the San Juans via barge. That’s roughly a 100 nautical miles or so from where it started.
The process went smoothly, and everyone had a really fun time watching the feat of engineering take place.

McDonald House Move 156
They began by hoisting the house over 8 feet up onto the apparatus that would move it down the hill onto the barge
McDonald House Move 296
Left side of the house
McDonald House Move 302
The home moving through two trees on the property. Quiet the snug fit!
McDonald House Move 309
The right side of the house.
McDonald House Move 373
Down the hill, onto the barge, and out to Sea!
Seeing a house move through the locks is awe-inspiring.
Big House – Little Tug Boat.

To see what is replacing this house, and for project update please visit our the project on our website English Country Estate .