The Millennial Dream Home

A recent study revealed that most American dreamers have drifted away from the house with a white picket fence ideal…and that there’s a significant gap between what millennials and their baby boomer counterparts want in a dream home.

Millennials, the most recent generation to enter the housing market, have a concrete vision for their dream homes. After all, they grew to maturity in the world of HGTV and Pinterest. They’re young, well researched, and ready to dive into the market. Here’s a few of the qualities on the millennial dream home must-have list…


Millennial dream home
The millennial dream home embraces suburban life while keeping urban convenience within reach

More and more millennials are looking to call the suburbs home. In fact, half of all millennials reside in suburban areas. The suburbs offer proximity to urban conveniences, reasonable work commutes, and affordable costs-of-living. In our region, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond provide ideal examples. They’re minutes away from Seattle life while retaining a suburban character.


Millennial dream home
Millennials dream of space to play, relax, and grow.

Compared to other generations, millennials dream big: 4,000 to 5,000 square feet big. They dream of space for family, a home office, and room enough to sprawl out and relax.


Millennial dream home
The millennial dream home prioritizes smart, sustainable design.

Smart: Technology is key. It’s second nature to most members of the generation, and it makes sense to integrate that tech into their home lives.  

Energy-efficient: as solar panel and other sustainable technology develops, millennials are ready to step up and make consciously green home investment choices.  

Move-in ready: millennials aren’t looking for a humble fixer-upper in need of time, money, and energy. For most, schedules and budgets demand a home that’s ready to go.

Temporary: although they’re dreaming big and ready to buy, most millennials view houses—especially first houses—as temporary. As careers progress and families grow, they’ll often look for a home that better suits their changing needs.

Regardless of tastes, needs, or size, we relish the opportunity to craft your dream home, to apply the art of architecture to your unique circumstances.