Ratio House Goes RED

We’re honored to announce our participation in the Luxe RED Awards. GHDA founding architect Curtis Gelotte’s Ratio Project is competing for the best major restoration or renovation. Here’s a glimpse into the story behind this luxury home remodel.

The Problem

Originally constructed in the 1970s, this home failed to take advantage of its sublime natural view. A half wall and sloped ceiling obstructed visitors’ line of sight as they entered the home, and a staggered floor plan barred easy access to the main living area. But our clients had a vision for breathing new life into this disjointed home, and they invited us to be part of their story.

A GHDA luxury home remodel featured in the Luxe RED Awards.

The Journey

From the initial meeting onward, Curt and his clients grasped a specific vision and ran with it. They evened the roofline, reorganized the home’s top level, added an exquisite master suite, and opened up the front entryway.

In the process, Curt introduced his clients to two key architectural principles: the golden rectangle and Fibonacci numbers. The homeowners were riveted. Ideal ratios and meticulous math form everything from the front walkway to the bathroom cabinets. Carefully selected materials bring the design to life and unite the collection of rooms into a single, livable work of art.

A GHDA luxury home remodel featured in the Luxe RED Awards.

The Result

The home now exudes the art of architecture. Inspired by a love of Japanese design, rooted in collaboration, and built on classic architectural principles, this luxury home remodel offers a perfectly proportioned waterfront retreat.

When asked how this luxury home remodel succeeded, Curt replied, “Great projects come about because of great clients. These homeowners were open to new ideas, provided clear feedback, and participated in every step. After all, we’re designing their dream home.”

A GHDA luxury home remodel featured in the Luxe RED Awards.

Your Turn

We invite you to vote for us under Luxe RED Awards’ Major Restoration or Renovation category. Voting is simple. Visit the Luxe RED Awards website now and give the Ratio Remodel a thumbs up. Thank you for your support!