Building a Sense of Permanence

“Home” is a deeply personal concept. The visions, smells, sounds, and textures it conjures in the imagination are unique to each individual. It’s personal, yet it’s also universal. Maya Angelou writes that, “the ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” And while the specific vision of that “home” and home design varies from person to person, a longing for security and permanence pervades.

Bellevue architect Scott HommasRedmond Retreat project exudes a profound sense of permanence. The home’s architecture stands rooted in a secluded, sylvan hillside in Redmond. Stone, wood, and glass intertwine to form a timeless shelter.


Scott chose stone, wood, and glass both as a nod to the natural beauty surrounding the house, and as an anchor for home life. Stone radiates an agelessness unmatched by other materials. It’s a fixture in the natural world, and it grounds the new build with the idea that it’s been a part of the hillside for years, and it will continue to thrive there for years to come. The front entry’s lighter stone hallway keeps the home light, airy, and welcoming, and its rough-hewn surface provides elegant texture against the smooth hardwood floors.

While light and inviting, the stone walls also provide a sense of security, almost like a castle fortress of old. Even amidst rain storms and dark nights, the stone walls remain steady.

Stone walls and accents anchor this Redmond home design.


Wood floors, beams, and window casings weave in the forested landscape outside the house. The Pacific Northwest prides itself on its woodland beauty. After all, Washington is the Evergreen State. Trees have been a part of Northwest culture as long as its documented history. Introducing sleek wood features to the Redmond home design thus adds to the timelessness of the interior. Reminiscent of growth and life, the wood floors and beams also add warmth to the house and bring balance the cool, gray stone.

Bellevue architect Scott Hommas adds warmth to a Redmond home design.


The large windows invite natural light into the home and warm the atmosphere. They also merge the ageless forest with the home’s shelter. Light pours in and warms the stone and wood, creating a cozy, welcoming air about the spacious Redmond home design.

Bellevue architect Scott Hommas adds warmth to a Redmond home design.

Whether traditional or contemporary, the materials used to design and build a home ought to add a timeless sense of home for years to come. After all, the house is both the launch point for each new day and the shelter every evening. We’re honored to help our clients find materials that reflect their style and create a home that’s uniquely theirs.

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