Suburban Tranquility: A Pacific Northwest Retreat

“I like to think of myself as being concerned with a higher order of things and probably the clearest manifestation we have of some higher order in the universe is what we see in nature and what we feel in nature.” E. Fay Jones

Seattle and the Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland) brim with life, food, shops, and entertainment–opportunities for activities and adventure abound. And yet within all the the bustle, quiet Northwest retreats also thrive.

One Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Redmond home offers nine acres of serenity. Inspired by E. Fay Jones’ organic aesthetic, the home’s architecture celebrates the land on which it sits. The homeowners approached GHDA with their equine-friendly lot and a desire for a Pacific Northwest home that merged seamlessly with the property. And Scott Hommas delivered.

Great home architecture design creates a truly Pacific Northwest home.
Scott Hommas’ quintessential Pacific Northwest home complements its expansive natural surroundings.

Stone, wood, and glass emerge from the hillside to form a warm shelter in the trees. The living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and rec room boast expansive windows with views into the forest. Quiet hallway nooks look out into the tree canopy, allowing residents to relax in the treetops with an enticing book. Stone walls anchor the custom home’s interior and exterior, offering a comforting sense of permanence and timelessness as the world outside evolves.

This Redmond home merges wood, glass, and stone for truly exquisite home architecture.
The living room windows look out into the treetops. Photo Credit: Ben Benschneider

Scott points out that the Redmond home is a four-sided home, connected with the land at every angle. As the sun moves throughout the day, it illuminates something new and worthy of enjoyment. The master suite’s garden is perfect for a morning cup of coffee, the kitchen deck perfect for an outdoor dinner. The front walkway welcomes guests with exquisite gardens, and the stone walkway prefers rough-hewn, natural shapes to geometrically cut, man made shapes, feeding back into the natural, Pacific Northwest aesthetic. A peeled log stands boldly at the entrance, holding the covered porch in place and making the home architecture look as though it grew with the surrounding forest.

This Redmond home merges wood, glass, and stone for truly exquisite home architecture.
The master suite’s garden provides a private retreat into Pacific Northwest beauty. Photo Credit: Ben Benschneider

The Redmond home architecture’s connection with nature imbues a sense of peace and rest through every inch of the home. As the architecture reflects its surroundings, the evergreen beauty of the Pacific Northwest exudes a timelessness that will provide comfort for years to come.