The Art of Service

Curtis Gelotte founded his Bellevue architecture firm with one objective: service. Thirty-four years later, that drive for client-oriented service thrives. And it’s the foundation for our future.

Today marks a milestone and a celebration. We’re officially launching our new name, our new logo, and our new website. Each new component honors the legacy that Curtis created and reaffirms our central passions: great design and extraordinary service.

Our Bellevue architecture firm's new logo embodies the art of architecture.


Our Name

Fifteen years have passed since Eric Drivdahl joined our team, and in that period, he’s grown from project manager to principal architect. The addition of his name to ours–Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture–is a symbol of the mutual trust and admiration that exists within the firm and a celebration of Eric’s exceptional artistry.

Eric spoke recently of the humbling and daunting honor that this new step presents. “I’m standing on the shoulders of talented pillars in the architectural community,” he said. He went on to describe how Curtis and Scott Hommas have shaped his work.

Curtis, Eric says, showed him the importance of getting details right. “He taught me never to settle for ‘okay.’ Always strive for great.” What’s more, there’s always more than one great idea. “Curt doesn’t get stuck on negatives. He holds ideas loosely and is willing to pursue other avenues when restrictions arise.”

Scott molded Eric’s love of artistry. “Scott is an artist. He paints; he draws. I’ve had conversations with Scott about the importance of art and its impact. He encouraged me to improve myself as an artist, to sketch a flower well and to imbue paintings with life and meaning. We value the art of architecture, and he taught me that the better artist I am, the better designer I am.” 


Our Logo

From artistry to precision, our new logo revolves around the tools of our trade. Our core design philosophy is rooted in our tagline: the art of architecture. We believe that a gorgeous home evolves out of a love of artistry in the truest sense, and thus our logo’s trio of tools demonstrates our artistic process.


We begin with a paintbrush, with a big concept inspired by conversations with our clients. We paint in big, broad strokes to make that concept tangible.


After we’ve stoked our clients’ and our own imaginations, we hone in on the details. We refine the concept and outline each space in the home.


When we’ve defined the big picture of the home and its spaces, we finalize the design with precision. The compass illustrates the exacting, technical flourish we put on every home.

These three instruments remind us daily of intent to pursue the art of architecture.


Our Website

And of course we’re excited to introduce our new website. This new site–The Art of Architecture–presents a cleaner, more approachable layout. Our projects, our information, and our stories all live on a single platform that better serves the needs of our clients and colleagues. It was developed with artistic attention to detail and is designed to evolve with us as our Bellevue architecture firm continues to produce unique custom homes.

Our Bellevue architecture firm's new website embodies the art of architecture.


Our Future

The intent behind our name, our logo, and our website is simple: to provide greater service to our clients. Our goal is not to grow in size, but to grow in depth of service, relationship, and artistry for the people we work with.

We’re excited to move forward into the future of Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture, and we invite you to join us as our own story unfolds.