The Beauty of the Great Indoors

The Pacific Northwest is known for its rustic beauty and pristine forests. Many of us live here because we love the great outdoors, and it makes sense that we would want to bring that aesthetic into our homes. In Cedar Haven, Medina architect Scott Hommas provides an amazing example nature merged with unique luxury architecture.

Medina architect Scott Hommas' luxury architecture design.
Medina architect Scott Hommas echoes the surrounding cedar forest in this home’s luxury architecture.
It starts on the exterior of the rustic home with the use of rough hued tree trunks as support columns and balusters. The trunks individual dimensions were taken into consideration and a hole was even cut in the roof of the overhang to accommodate this uncommon element.
Medina architect Scott Hommas' luxury architecture design.

Inside, the use of natural material continues. Combining wood and glass in an unexpected way accentuates the organic nature of the wood while still providing privacy.

Medina architect Scott Hommas' luxury architecture design.

Organic curves are a key element to this modern yet rustic home. Each element was specifically chosen or designed to give the occupant the feeling of being in nature while also being clean and precise. Like camping in the woods without the dirt and bugs.

If you would like to bring natural elements into your home but don’t know where to begin then let the architects at Gelotte Hommas help you create a space that fits your personal needs.