The New Gelotte Hommas Website is Live!

We’ve already told you that we’re making changes to our website, but now we’re happy to announce that the new website is up and running! This is a great chance for you to re-familiarize yourself with Gelotte Hommas and our projects, as well as to learn about our new ideas and projects.

Here's a look at the Gelotte Hommas website, but we suggest you visit it to see it for yourself.

The new Gelotte Hommas website, like our architectural projects, is sleek and well defined, while making you feel at home. On it you will find useful facts about our firm and who makes up our design teams, as well as which principles we prize in design. You’ll get to see the latest work on all of our projects in ourportfolio, as well as learn about initiatives in the community and more that we’re leading or are involved in, like arc i tek.

The new website serves as your information highly on all things Gelotte Hommas. Visit it to learn more about our firm and our projects, then keep up with the blogs for a more personal touch and to hear more about design in general, as well as detailed facts about each project.