This Woodsy Home Takes Retractable Windows to the Next Level

For those seeking optimal connectivity to their outdoor living spaces, retractable windows are a great way to bring the outside in. Gelotte Hommas masterfully designed The Woods Outback with a main living area that is surrounded by retractable windows on all four sides. This layout allows guests to fully enjoy a bright, open living room, no matter what the weather…and provides design inspiration for your Pacific Northwest home.

These floor-to-ceiling windows let in an ideal amount of sunlight, and with weather permitting, they turn a beautiful living area into an elegant covered patio. The tile flooring flows continuously throughout both spaces and is versatile and durable enough to serve as both indoor and outdoor flooring.

Design inspiration from Seattle
This versatile living space is surrounded by retractable windows on all four sides.


One of the most interesting elements of the room is how the windows cut right through the kitchen, allowing homeowners the benefits of outdoor kitchen when they want one. With all the windows open, it’s possible to barbeque in the outdoor space. The room is also equipped with a wood stove that allows brave bakers to prepare delicious wood-fired pizza. The space is especially convenient, since all of the regular kitchen items are easily accessible from both sides. And with a fireplace and ample space, this unique layout is perfect for entertaining.

If you’re looking to incorporate retractable windows into your design, contact Gelotte Hommas Architects today. We’ll be happy to turn your design inspiration into the home of your dreams.