Pacific Northwest Style Lake Cabin

Like so much of the Pacific Northwest, Lake Wenatchee is stunning. Glacier melted water, evergreen trees, and the wild peace of nature make it a beloved getaway…and a delightful opportunity for a lake cabin.

This Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Lake Wenatchee cabin takes cabin life to a new high. Cutting edge materials, vibrant colors, and mixed textures create intrigue and shelter throughout.

Tough Shell

Lake cabin in Wenatchee

Our team embraced the reality of Lake Wenatchee’s varied weather and opted for a unique exterior siding: corrugated steel. The corten steel used in this lake cabin is designed to rust with time, creating a rugged, time worn beauty on the home. The rustic patina will then  provide a resistive barrier to the elements. A perfect example of form meeting function.

Lively Interior

Lake Wenatchee cabin

Inside, the home mixes textures, colors, and materials to create a lively, comfortable vacation escape. Dark concrete paves the floor with a glossy, smooth finish and catches reflections of the surrounding room.

Lake Wenatchee cabin kitchen

Open trusses, wood slat walls, and a Chief Cliff stone fireplace ground the home in earthy, natural tones, echoing the natural beauty outside the cabin. The kitchen’s red cabinetry and multi-colored backsplash, by contrast, add a dash of vacation fun.

From outside, in, this Lake Wenatchee cabin embraces durability, comfort, and personality…and it’s perfectly primed for summer, weekend, and holiday memories.

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