Building Whoville

It’s finally here! Sheraton and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s 26th Annual Gingerbread Village is in full swing!

We unveiled our Whoville town square this past Monday, and it’ll be on display at the Sheraton through January 1, 2019, along with four other deliciously decked out scenes.

How It’s Made

With each passing year, our team grows more excited for this event. We create the design, partner with Toth Construction, then set up shop in our office. It’s a delightful member of our team during its residency. As we have time, we add details: windows, garland, and candied landscaping. Each time we walk into the room, we notice new details.

Jin Wan, a Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture job captain, compares this sweet exercise to our regular client home design projects. “It’s a short practice of a real client project,” she says. “We use all the tools of our trade, from traditional sketches to 3D modeling technology. We use a similar process to address design problems and create a plan that will stand and shine through January 1.”

The biggest difference, she says, is the absence of building codes and permits. “Our biggest concern is being able to fit the final structure through the doors, down the elevator, and to the showroom!”

We’re delighted to have completed this year’s project with the help of Toth Construction, Northwest Custom Interiors, and our GHDA team members Eric Drivdahl, Michael Krause, Vicki Somppi, Jin Wan, Iulia Codoban, Troy Howe, and the Howe family.

Stop by the Gingerbread Village at the Seattle Sheraton now through January 1, and let us know what you think!

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