Windows in Architecture Design

“I discovered windows one afternoon, and after that, nothing was ever the same.”  Anne Spollen

Windows are a key feature in most homes, and architecture design enjoys a veritable feast of window options that let in light, seal in heat, control sound, and offer security for any home design. For now, let’s revel in the beauty that large windows add to a home.


Inviting natural light into your home with large windows comes with a host of benefits. During daylight hours, large windows lead to significant energy savings thanks to a decreased need for artificial lighting. What’s more, studies report that natural light increases productivity and helps regulate circadian rhythms in many people.

The one downside to welcoming natural light into your home: glare. Current window technology offers window solutions that help minimize glare so you can revel in the natural beauty around you!

Natural light pours through large windows in this master bath.


Especially in a scenic region like the Pacific Northwest, windows enable homeowners to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Cedar Haven’s luxurious architecture design uses a wall of windows to bring the forest into the central living space.

Large windows feature prominently in this home design.

Similarly, this contemporary home employs glass walls to welcome the waterfront into its neutral living room.

Natural light floods the living room in this indoor-outdoor home design.


Due to the influx of natural light and the absence of firm walls, large windows make a room appear larger than its square footage might indicate.

Large windows can also frame splendid sights outside your home, be it landscape or cityscape. Great architecture design considers your property’s best views and crafts a home design with those sights in mind.

Natural light pours through large windows in this master bedroom.


Advancements in window technology ensure that while light shines into your home, heat or cool air doesn’t escape unnecessarily from it. In fact, well placed windows will increase your home’s energy efficiency by allowing the sun to gently warm your home in any season.

And on those perfectly temperate days, throwing open your windows allows fresh air to circulate through your house.

This contemporary architecture design revolves around large windows in the main living spaces.

We’re grateful for the advancements in technology and architecture design that allow us to view the changing Seattle seasons from within the warmth of our homes.

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