Architecture Ideas: Making Your Walls Into Art

Instead of covering your walls with art, why not make the walls themselves a part of your home’s artwork? At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we take an artistic approach to every home design, and we have designed many homes in which the choice of materials, placement, and shape of walls have played vital roles in the home’s overall artistic nature. Here is a look at a few artistic home architecture trends that you can use to enhance your home’s look.

  • Choose wall materials of contrasting textures. Some materials, such as traditional drywall and metal, have smooth textures that cause them not to call any attention to themselves when used alone. When you pair some of these smooth wall surfaces with a rough wall made of wood, concrete, or brick, you suddenly notice the artistic contrast between the smoothness and the roughness.
  • Concrete is the key to simplicity. Less is often more when it comes to designing artful walls. A few well-placed flowers against a concrete exterior wall can create a balanced and modern look. If your goal is simplicity, then there truly is no better choice than poured concrete, which is also an affordable option.
  • Consider adding some greenery. If you want to give your concrete exterior wall some more personality and help it blend into the scenery for a more natural look, then install a trellis on all of part of your building’s outer walls. Plant a beautiful vining plant at the base, and within a few seasons, you will have a beautiful building covered in greenery.

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we are proud to design homes that are true expressions of your inner artistic nature. Contact us to learn about more home architecture trends and how to take advantage of them in your home.